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For  over 20 years Mauny Muray (AKA Amazing Mauny) of Albuquerque, NM has put smiles on people’s faces.  His magic  programs fit at birthday parties for children and adults, at banquets, company dinners, picnics, weddings, school assemblies, festivals, home parties, restaurants, comedy clubs, cabaret, and more. He performs close-up magic, strolling magic, parlor and stage magic. Mauny approaches his audience with a friendly smile, and good-natured humor evoking curiosity, laughter, astonishment, and delight. There is no other form of entertainment that leaves such a strong emotion as magic. Mauny makes magic happen right in his spectators’ hands and up close. Some of his programs are presented to beautiful background music which allows the audience to relax and enjoy a well choreographed symphony of music and magic.
Mauny has published articles in several magic publications such as IBM Ring newsletter, IMS magazine, and the Linking Ring Magazine. He has lectured for other magicians teaching his magical effects, and has also taught at schools,  summer camps, community centers, and given private lessons. Mauny placed in numerous local magic competitions, and declared by his peers as one of the most creative magician while living in Washington, DC.


“Do we believe what we see, or do we see what we believe?”

To find out call: 505-301-3001
or e-mail:















Past and present memberships and affiliations: The Magic Castle, the International Brotherhood of Magicians, and the International Magic Society.
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